Hey, this is Hann.





Don't you read Chinese? Why do you want to read English?

I am currently a senior undergraduate student at the Dept. of EE, Tsinghua University (B.Eng. expected July 2017), majoring in Electronic Information Science and Technology. And I'm going to study for my PhD. in the next 5 years at this department.

My research interests are mainly in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. I am skilled in C/C++, MATLAB, LaTeX, algorithm, deep learning and etc. and currently working as a part-time algorithm engineer at Ninebot & Segway Robotics.

During my days off work and school, I enjoy myself travelling around. Besides the fantastic sceneries of the destinations, reading a book while the train takes you far away is also a great pleasure to me. Please do say hello to me if you see someone reading books rather than playing with mobiles/tablets on trains (^_^).

Work hard to make a better world with artificial intelligence.